The Wolf and The Crane (Aesop’s Fables w/ Christian Applications #5)


Wolf and Crane by Milo Winter (1919)

A Wolf had a bone stuck in his throat. Looking for help, he hired a Crane. And for a large sum of money, she put her head into his mouth and drew out the bone. After the Crane had extracted the bone, she demanded the promised payment. The Wolf, grinning and gritting his teeth, said: “Surely you already have had a sufficient repayment! By me allowing you to pull your head out of the jaws of a wolf with safety.”

Application: This story illustrates some of our good works among the wicked. Whenever we endeavor as Christians to do good for the wicked, remember that our reward should be in God himself (Psalm 73:26). Let’s be happy in simply serving the lost because we want to help rather than looking for some reward from them (Prov 11:18). Sometimes, we may be sorely disappointed that we don’t get what was promised to us, but we should nevertheless be thankful that we have not been harmed by them if they have the power to do so. Oftentimes, what we don’t realize, is that what was once a potential persecutor has now been made a neutral ally because we were able to help them in their time of need. Because of this, let’s not require any repayment, but pray for their reconciliation to God, and look to heaven for our reward (Matt 6:4).


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