Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8c) – Josephus’ Writings

In previous articles, more specifically 8a & 8b, I highlighted how Chris Date uses a passage of Josephus’ works to wrongly assert how the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah are not currently undergoing eternal conscious torment in eternal fire. Even though the Greek grammar and discourse of Jude certainly affirms that the inhabitants are presently … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8c) – Josephus’ Writings

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8b) – Jude’s Eternal Fire & 2 Peter 2:6

Almost a year ago, Chris Date and I had several conversations about his position and about coming on our radio podcast. He first emailed us and asked us to come on the show to talk about conditionalism. Being familiar with his ministry at that point for almost three years, I desired to converse with him … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8b) – Jude’s Eternal Fire & 2 Peter 2:6

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8a) – Jude’s Eternal Fire

I’ve been waiting to write this article for a while. But I have been eager too. Jude 7 is a go-to verse for annihilationists who assert that since Jude 7 seemingly speaks of “eternal fire” that rained down upon Sodom and Gomorrah, and that fire was not (and is not still) burning, therefore, the eternal … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 8a) – Jude’s Eternal Fire

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 7a) – Rethinking Hell’s Proponents

I keep saying over and over again that the annihilationism/conditionalism discussion would take on a different form if it wasn’t for all the heretics Rethinking Hell and others like them affirm, associate, and keep company with. As I pointed out in article 5a concerning the atonement, there are some very serious concerns that should be … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 7a) – Rethinking Hell’s Proponents

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 4c) – Irenaeus

I have confronted multiple conditionalists about why Irenaeus didn’t believe in conditionalist/annihilationist doctrine, but they continue to spread this lie even after being corrected. And conditionalists wonder why I say some of their content is deceptive. What’s even more discouraging, is that Chris Date, even after an online debate with Jerry Shepherd, continues to spread … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 4c) – Irenaeus

Rethinking Conditionalism

I began a series a while back for a blog called Defending Contending (now known as Truth in Grace) concerning the ministry of Rethinking Hell and doctrine of annihilationism, also called conditionalism. It is in this series that I warn all Christians, especially Reformed, sovereign grace, and gospel-centered preachers, to be aware of this ministry … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 6a) – Eternal Life and Immortality

I read someone asking a conditionalist in a Facebook thread concerning how they define death. Then one of them responded with, “It depends on how you define life.” I couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately, this is an area that Chris Date and some within Rethinking Hell sorely deviate from. In a debate with Len Pettis during … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 6a) – Eternal Life and Immortality

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 5a) – The Atonement

I would like to reveal and exegete more Scriptures that conditionalists use to affirm their position of annihilationism, but let’s cut to the chase. There’s an even bigger topic at hand. And it is in the area of atonement. Because whenever you change the nature/definition of eternal punishment or eternal life, you inevitably change your … Continue reading Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 5a) – The Atonement