Basic Greek in 30 Minutes A Day by James Found (Book Recommendation #2)


In order to learn a second language, sometimes you have to know some immediate application. James Found’s Basic Greek In 30 Minutes A Day¬†does just that. I was able to recognize some fundamental second language acquisition technics that really make what you’re learning meaningful. Meaningfulness is certainly a key factor in most language learning courses. Most times, we get bored with rote and repetitive exercises that seem to show no immediate gains when applying it to everyday contexts. James Found manages to bridge that gap and provides some helpful (and fairly quick) reading and writing exercises that any basic learner begs for. Of course, nothing beats learning from an everyday pastor or professor who is knowledgeable in Greek. But, if you can’t afford a learning pack from¬†Bill Mounce, but still want to get your feet wet in the basics, and in way that is fun and easy to follow, this book may be a good choice for you. Oh, and don’t buy a used one. This is a workbook. It would be no fun to see someone else answers.

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The Study of Language by George Yule (Book Recommendation #1)


I know am way behind when it comes to writing articles regarding linguistics, but here is a good start. If you’re interested in an easy to read, understandable, and fun introduction into the world of linguistics, The Study of Language by George Yule is in my top 5. It’s already in it’s sixth edition, but you can download the fourth edition for free here.

I enjoyed Yule’s book because it breaks done prominent categories of linguistics simply for the average reader. Yes, there are some technical aspects (as there should be with higher learning), but nevertheless, he still reveals why linguistics is indeed an enjoyable science. From why human communication is unique among all of God’s creatures (he didn’t say that, I did) and how language in the brain functions, to my personal favorite, Discourse Analysis, you will gain a wealth of knowledge of how human language is fearfully and wonderfully crafted by the hand of our God and King, Jesus Christ. No, Yule is not a Christian. But there is much to glean from the scientific study of linguistics that will leave you in awe of God’s creativity and power and help you to appreciate the under appreciated the uniquely human ability of language.

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